Temperature 37 - what to do?
Low-grade fever: why does a temperature of 37 last a week?
The normal temperature of the human body is considered to be 36.6 °C. What to do if an adult or child has
Stretch marks on the skin, treatment of stretch marks, causes of occurrence
Striae or stretch marks (scars) on the skin of the abdomen are a very common phenomenon among women and
sad eyes
Why there is shooting in the ear and what to do - how to treat severe shooting pain
Main causes The causes of pain are quite varied. Accordingly, treatment tactics may vary in each specific
What kind of discharge during early pregnancy (what should be the norm)
Hello! During pregnancy, a woman's blood circulation in the uterus increases. This is precisely why they begin
What does hemorrhoids look like at the initial stage?
What does hemorrhoids look like? 2 types and 4 stages, photos and videos
If you feel discomfort in the anus, then most likely this is the initial stage of hemorrhoids.
swelling of the hands during pregnancy
Edema during pregnancy: causes, treatment and prevention
Causes of edema in pregnant women Noticeable swelling is characteristic of almost all pregnant women in their third
How to speed up recovery after an abortion procedure
Exactly how recovery occurs after an abortion directly depends on the specific method of termination of pregnancy.
Blood pressure indicators during pregnancy: normal, increased, decreased
Against the background of hormonal changes in a woman’s body, blood pressure may increase in the early stages of pregnancy.
Amenorrhea: what is it in women, causes, symptoms and treatment methods
In this article we will tell you what Amenorrhea is, its causes, what its symptoms are.
What are roundworms?
What are roundworms, what methods exist for the prevention and treatment of helminthic infestation - in an article by a practicing physician
The essence of the disease What are roundworms? Before starting to answer this question,
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