The use of calendula in the treatment of uterine fibroids
Calendula for fibroids: treatment, method of application Medical portal ENT diseases Stomach diseases Hemorrhoids Pancreatitis Weight loss
Stimulation of menstruation, provoking miscarriage, general calming - these are just a few of the effects that can occur when taking this drink.
What chamomile tea cures: 10 medically proven properties. Exceptional drink!
≡ Home → Chamomile → Remedies with chamomile → In addition to the main beneficial and
Chills during menopause forum 1
Chills during menopause: trembling, basal temperature during menopause
After 40-45 years, women experience perimenopause and all the accompanying symptoms. One
Vitamin D capsules for osteoporosis
Osteoporosis during menopause: symptoms and causes
Many people go to the doctor when the destruction of the internal structure of the bones begins to cause them serious problems,
Can the lower back and lower abdomen hurt during menopause?
The concept of “climax” is of Greek origin, and literally translates as a step on a ladder. Indeed, in life
Recipes for hemostatic herbs for heavy menstruation
How to stop bleeding during menstruation with folk remedies In case of severe uterine bleeding, the patient requires hospitalization.
Photo: increased sweating in a woman
Sweating before menstruation: causes and treatment methods
Causes The appearance of sweating before menstruation can have several reasons, which are not always associated with
Is it possible to cure urinary incontinence during menopause?
Why is urination disrupted during menopause? A decrease in estrogen levels and a radical restructuring of the female hormonal background.
Myoma and anemia. What you need to know about anemia with uterine fibroids
The physiological side of the process Myoma always leads to a hidden lack of iron (Fe) in the body
Uterine fibroids: causes, symptoms, discharge
The nature of discharge from uterine fibroids depends on concomitant conditions complicating the disease. Normal vaginal
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