What does the uterus look like after childbirth photo
What lochia looks like after childbirth photo
Prolapse of the genital organs is a diagnosis that almost all women fear, and the result to which
Structure of the ovary
There are no follicles in the ovaries on ultrasound: what does this mean, what to do, treatment methods
The main difference between the human female reproductive system and other animals is the limited ability to reproduce.
Tar soap for thrush reviews 1
Is it possible to get rid of thrush with tar soap?
Tar soap: beneficial properties The only component that distinguishes it from other detergents is so useful
What should be the basal temperature during pregnancy? Basal temperature chart
Basal temperature is the body temperature at rest, when the condition of the gonads can be calculated
Antibacterial ointments for the intimate area for women. Which ointments are best for healing wounds and cracks in the skin and mucous membranes
Antibacterial Before prescribing an ointment, the doctor identifies the causative agent of the disease. Depending on this
Physiotherapy for pregnant women
Physiotherapy during pregnancy. How to help an expectant mother?
Is it possible to plan a pregnancy if electrophoresis is prescribed? During pregnancy there are some restrictions on
Thrush in pregnant women: causes and symptoms of the disease
Herbal recipes for treating thrush. Various herbal infusions (celandine,
Morphological diagnosis of tubular and cribriform breast cancer
Tubular breast cancer This type of breast cancer (BC) is classified as a separate variant
Features of royal jelly during pregnancy
Functions ↑ Drone jelly contains large doses of vitamin E and folic acid
Signs of viral infection of the cervix
What does hysterosalpingography determine? Hysterosalpingography is a method of medical examination of the uterus for internal conditions.
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