Papaverine suppositories during pregnancy in the third trimester
What is uterine tone? Nature has prepared a special hollow organ for bearing a baby. Uterus consisting
What to do if your ovaries hurt during early pregnancy
Pain in the ovaries after ovulation - this may be the first signal of pregnancy
All the changes that a woman goes through during the thorny road of pregnancy cannot pass without leaving a trace.
Indications for cauterization of cervical cysts
Cauterization of cervical cysts: an effective way to treat formations
When is cauterization recommended? Most tumors that appear on the cervix are safe in the initial stages
What does a loose uterus mean in women? The cervix is ​​loose and soft: causes of pathology, symptoms
Definition What does the uterus look like in its normal state? During most of the menstrual cycle
Pain in the clitoris - causes of symptoms, methods of treatment
Why does inflammation of the clitoris occur in girls and women? Several factors contribute to the development of the disease: constant
Anesthesia for laparoscopy of ovarian cyst
Choosing an anesthesia method for laparoscopic operations
Preparation for anesthesia So that the removal of an ovarian cyst goes well for a woman, and anesthesia does not
Enlarged ovaries, what does this mean?
About the pathology The standard dimensions of the ovary for a woman of childbearing age are (according to ultrasound): length up to
Electrophoresis with lidase in gynecology: indications, methods, reviews
The essence of the method The term “electrophoresis” is the result of a merger of two words. "Electro" - electric charge, "phoresis"
Polycystic ovary syndrome: symptoms and treatment
Fad diet for polycystic ovary syndrome: pros and cons
What is polycystic ovary syndrome in a woman? Polycystic ovary syndrome is a pathological condition accompanied by changes in
Can I get my period after spay removal?
The female reproductive system has a rather complex and unique structure. Contains many different
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